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We only promote high quality Structured Notes and Auto-Call Notes, backed by a minimum of A+ rated banks. Please see the live menu below of current offerings. Please contact us for our latest Structured Note menu.

Structured Notes Guide

A quick start guide to Structured Notes. We can also custom build any structured note for you, contact us for more information.
What are Structured Notes?

Structured Notes are financial products created to provide leverage, enhanced returns, principal protection, risk management and customized access to an asset class or type of investment.

These products are completely customizable from term to maturity and currency denomination to performance metrics. A solution can be designed to suit your investment objectives.

Structured Notes Highlights
  • - Principal protected and/or non-principal protected
  • - Returns incorporating leverage
  • - Enhanced coupons and minimum guaranteed coupons and returns
  • - Passive or actively managed underlying markets
  • - Tax-advantaged structures
Why Invest in Structured Notes?

Whether you are seeking a customized investment solution or increased growth potential in your portfolio, Structured Notes are an innovative alternative.

Structured Notes provide access to a variety of asset classes including:

  • - Actively managed funds
  • - Static baskets of shares
  • - Equity and commodity indexes
  • - Foreign exchange; and Fixed income
Benefits of Structured Notes

Structured Notes can provide access to a variety of asset classes that would normally be difficult or complex to invest in individually. (eg. Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Index Linked etc.)


Part or all of your principal can be 100% protected provided your investment is held until maturity.


Leverage can increase your exposure to a variety of asset classes or instruments. Therefore, it can potentially increase your return on an investment.

Enhanced Yield

Structured products offer investors the potential to earn above average returns versus traditional investments.

Who can benefit from Structured Notes?
  • - Investors looking to maximize the return on their investments and/or manage risk to capital
  • - High net worth individuals looking for flexible solution to meet their investment objectives.
  • - Institutional clients such as pension funds or endowments
  • - Corporate or commercial clients looking to hedge assets against market risk