J & O Global Forestry Fund

Generates returns by:

Adopting a diversified global forestry investment strategy. The J & O Global Forestry Fund is a Fund-of-Funds that invests in several institutional forestry funds, providing returns from the growing of trees with geographical diversification of forestry assets. Forestry, unlike most assets, has the built-in quality of biological growth. That is also why forestry as an asset has outperformed almost every other asset class over time with an annual average return of +12.20 % since 1992.

Key Investment Features

  • Target growth of 10-12% p.a. generated from an asset class that has delivered an annual average return in excess of 12% p.a. since 1992.
  • Monthly Dealing ( GBP, Euro, USD & Swedish Krona)
  • Assets of over £115M in the underlying investments the fund invests in
  • 100% Allocation
  • Uncorrelated Investment Opportunity
  • Investment via Life Companies, Platforms, QROPS & Direct

What makes this investment different?

  • The fund invests in physical Teak plantations so asset backed and has liquidity.
  • One single fund that invests in several institutional forest funds.
  • A socially and ethically responsible investment opportunity.
  • Stable cash flow from growing trees.
  • Geographical diversification of forestry assets.
  • Use of forestry-related indices & listed ETF’s enhance liquidity.